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It’s more than just a website or a logo.
It’s the journey and future of your business.


LUMA delivers expertise that is dedicated to your business. Our approach is unique – we use the disciplines of design and user experience underpinned by our specialist and professional team.

Our focal point is making the most of your brand online, which can start with making an attractive and practical website, aiming to define solutions to enrich your brand. It’s more than just a website or a logo, it’s the journey and future of your business.

We aim to achieve candid and long-term results, working with clients to gradually refine their online brand so that it creates an unparalleled impact. We can start from nothing or help guide an existing brand in the desired direction depending on your company’s contemporary situation.



LUMA Group was founded by AJ Iredale. Starting out working from his bedroom in his parents’ house, AJ grew his business from the ground up. Through utilizing social media, he connected with other entrepreneurs, business owners and internet marketers. With his keen eye, he instantly spotted problems within their campaigns and fixed them – mostly in exchange for advice or connections. From doing this, he grew a network of clients that he began to work closely with through trust and loyalty, developing a strong business relationship.

When asked how he has achieved his success so far, AJ responded: “Most of my success is from caring about other people and their success”.

AJ decided to launch LUMA due to the majority of opportunities he spotted within the online/network marketing industry. Most of the problems that came with being an entrepreneur, business owner or internet marketer, he knew he could solve